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e-Branding is an essential part of any online business strategy and should be considered just as carefully as your off-line branding activities. With the massive growth in online business transactions and larger opportunities online, it is even more important that your online business be designed to promote business and not hinder it.

Consistency is essential, and when you are considering e-Branding ensuring your image can extend across several mediums to maximize its exposure and compliment them all, a true integrated marketing approach.

Our team of specialists can create you and e-Branding experience that gives you the “Wow” factor that sets you apart from your online business competition

Our E-Branding suite includes :

PPT, Word, Excel Templates

Designed to instill professionalism and make the difference that makes you stand out and get noticed, these templates could be used for presentations, downloadable guides, webinars, videos, and much more. It is an essential brand asset. Here is a list of some of the features:

  • Title Slide Design
  • Content Slide Designs
  • All fonts, margins, kerning, weight etc. are pre designed into hard styles in your PPT/XLT.
  • Numerous header styles are designed for multiple uses and categories, subcategories, transitional headers, etc.
  • Bullets and numbering are designed styles and coded (Various weights of each for different presentation use)
  • Basic Chart/Table color design is coded.

Direct Mail Design

With the growing popularity of the internet, it’s all too easy to forget about other forms of reaching customers directly. But surprisingly, direct mail response rates are actually increasing, thanks to better list maintenance and targeting. And while a compelling offer is a must, without the right design and copy, your piece will never get opened and your offer won’t even be considered.

Good design in direct response is not achieved by whim… it’s a precision-engineered machine.

We at Eduwise provide you with that precision.

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